Come before Winter has invited me to be a part of the team for the Europe renewal in July 2024.
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    Larry Wilson

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    Kevin Linderman

    $103.20 / 113 days ago

    Rachel is such a fantastic teacher... the Spirit works powerfully through her when she teaches from God's word! Plus, with her experience as a missionary, we know she will be such a blessing and encouragement to the women that attend Come Before Winter!

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    Jill Davis

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    Amanda Steil

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    We love you very much! You are very dear to us. ~~Dana and Mandy Jo

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    Brian Yates

    $516.00 / 146 days ago

    Blessings to you, Rachel, and the women you will serve next summer, Lord-willing!

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    Stephanie Howell

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    Rachel Howell

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About Rachel Howell

I appreciate your consideration of helping fund my part in this ministry!

Recently I have joined Come Before Winter as a Curriculum Developer. In July 2024 our team will travel to Europe to host a one-week in-depth renewal for women in ministry; this year we will study the book of Habakkuk. The $4600 covers my costs and the costs for three participants; your gift is a deep and direct blessing for them since participants only pay for their transportation to the renewal site. I was deeply blessed by attending Come Before Winter renewals in 2011 and in 2017 while living overseas, and those weeks became rich turning points in my life with God. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the teaching team of this ministry, and I look forward to seeing how God impacts the lives of the women who join us!

If you'd prefer to mail a check, make it out to Come before Winter and send it to the following address: 

 Come before Winter 
P.O. Box 203381 
Austin, TX 78720 

Come before Winter is a 501(c)(3) organization and makes every effort to ensure accurate reporting of your donations so that we can supply you with necessary tax documentation. If the information you receive from our office does not match your records, or if you fail to receive the needed documentation, please contact our office at (512) 216-2060 or email our Executive Director at 

Thank you for your generosity!