Nicole Whaley - Europe 2024

Nicole Whaley / Women's Renewal - Europe 2024

'What a week! My heart, my family, my ministry and most importantly, my relationship with God will forever be impacted!' - participant from June 2023 renewal in Kenya.

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    Erin Lewis

    $103.20 / 114 days ago

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    Carolyn J Cox

    $103.20 / 117 days ago

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    $154.80 / 120 days ago

    Thank you ladies for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Eternity will be better bc of your faith and works!

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    Shiloh Jones

    $20.64 / 123 days ago

    Those women you will meet are going to be so blessed by you! I love your heart for others, the way you worship with your whole being and your encouragement. Love you friend.

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    Shiloh Jones

    $20.64 / 123 days ago

    You exude joy and love for others! I’m so blessed to know and I cannot wait to see how God will use you and the rest of the team in Croatia. Love you!

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    Kayla Keele

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    Kim Jennings

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    Taryn Raulston

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    Raymond East

    $206.40 / 128 days ago

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    $206.40 / 129 days ago

    Nicole, Thank you for continuing to serve in this important ministry. May God bless you and others through you in Come Before Winter. Kelly

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    Kari Ogle

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    David Lambert

    $206.40 / 139 days ago

    Thank you for serving others. In this way we also serve the Lord. Godspeed on your journey. God is good.

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    Jeri Ford

    $250.00 / 146 days ago

    Come before Winter has blessed my life, and Nicole has blessed my life as a friend and team member of CbW. Thanks for all you do to serve women in ministry!

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    Jerita Whaley

    $103.20 / 146 days ago

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    Jerita Whaley

    $102.90 / 180 days ago

    We appreciate Nicole’s good work building others up to love and serve the Lord with good works. We pray God's blessings on this good work to spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Nicole is uniquely prepared and committed for this effort. May God bless Nicole and this good work.

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    Carolyn J Cox

    $102.90 / 180 days ago

    If I can no longer be there, I’m happy to help someone on the team who blesses so many.

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    Nicole Whaley

    $102.90 / 180 days ago

About Nicole Whaley - Europe 2024

The work of Christian leaders and their need for renewal has not changed in spite of the many changes the world has experienced these last few years. By God's grace, Come before Winter has continued and even extended its reach to servant leaders throughout the world. 

In July of 2024, a team will travel to Europe to offer a week of renewal through study, prayer, reflection and worship to those serving God in that region. When women in ministry thrive, the global church thrives and grows. 

By the grace of God, and with the support of our donors, Come before Winter has served more than 2,500 ministry leaders at no cost to them. Come before Winter renewals are 100% free for participants. Your gift to CbW blesses these women and impacts the present and the future. 

You can make a donation directly on this site by clicking on the 'donate' button. 

If you'd prefer to mail a check, you can make it out to Come before Winter and send it to the following address: 
Come before Winter 
P.O. Box 203381 
Austin, TX 78720 

Come before Winter is a 501(c)(3) organization and makes every effort to ensure accurate reporting of your donations so that we can supply you with necessary tax documentation. If the information you receive from our office does not match your records, or if you fail to receive the needed documentation, please contact our office at (512) 216-2060 or email our Executive Director at jocelyn@comebeforewinter.org. Thank you for your support of Come before Winter.