Come before Winter has invited me to be a part of the team for the Canada renewal Spring 2024.
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    JoNataye Prather

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    Step, Have an amazing transformational journey! Love ya! JoNataye

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    Ebony Lang

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    May God bless and protect you all during this mission.

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    From SJH

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    from Hubers! 🧡

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    Nathalie Jones

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    Stephanie, It’s your dedication and commitment to serve that continues your legacy. May God continue to bless your #sisterdoc -Dr.Jones

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    From Dominee

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    Mike Cope

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    Thank you for this ministry, Stephanie! Diane

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    Felicia Murray

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    Good luck Stephanie and team. Love, Felicia M.

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    Leslie Fry

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    Thanks for your continued good work with this ministry! Blessings!

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    Donna Hester

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About Stephanie Hamm

This Canada renewal will be my seventh renewal with Come before Winter and I am just as excited now as I was the first time. I love serving women. The women we are so fortunate to serve are missionaries and local ministers doing hard work for the Kingdom. We have seen that this week of renewal has aided in enabling women across the globe to continue living out their calling. Would you join me in this work? Your financial and spiritual support, regardless of size is so valuable and appreciated. 

Please know that I am raising funding for not just myself, but for three participants to attend the renewal. Your contribution helps cover all living expenses and materials for the entire renewal. They are only financially responsible for their travel to and from the renewal site! 

I will be making regular contributions to meet my goal and hope you will join my effort. 

Thank you in advance! --Stephanie 

If you'd prefer to mail a check, make it out to Come before Winter and send it to the following address: 
Come before Winter 
P.O. Box 203381 
Austin, TX 78720 

Come before Winter is a 501(c)(3) organization and makes every effort to ensure accurate reporting of your donations so that we can supply you with necessary tax documentation. If the information you receive from our office does not match your records, or if you fail to receive the needed documentation, please contact our office at (512) 216-2060 or email our Executive Director at Thank you for your support of Come before Winter.