Julie McMullen - North America 2024

Julie McMullen / Women's Renewal - North America 2024

Come before Winter has invited me to be a part of the team for the North America renewal 2024.
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    $82.56 / 3 days ago

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    Thomas Ballard

    $103.20 / 8 days ago

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    Eric McMullen

    $103.20 / 8 days ago

    We love you, sis!

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    Margaret Morgan

    $103.20 / 13 days ago

    So grateful to encourage this good work! Blessings on all who attend!❤️

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    Deanna Mathews

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    Megan Howard

    $516.00 / 28 days ago

    Love you, Julie. I can’t think of a better person to be a team member for one of these retreats.

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    Charles Kiser

    $51.60 / 31 days ago

    Blessings to you as you are a blessing to others!

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    Shirley Broom

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    Pam White

    $103.20 / 32 days ago

    I am so exited to see you doing this. I give because Come Before Winter was one of the most healing gifts from God that I’ve ever received. I am so blessed to have been there in 2017. We serve a wonderfully powerful God. My prayers and thanks for those of you servíng.

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    $51.60 / 36 days ago

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    Amanda Allen

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    Shannon Raikes

    $25.80 / 46 days ago

    So excited for you! Praying for revelation and transformation through the Lord! ♥️

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    Ann Willis

    $25.80 / 47 days ago

    Prayers for a Spirit-filled time together!

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    Colby Everett

    $103.20 / 47 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $25.80 / 47 days ago

    Thank you for serving these women in such a critical role.

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    Angela Oldreive

    $51.60 / 47 days ago

    Hope this helps❤️ Love, The Oldreive Clan

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    Paul McMullen

    $103.20 / 47 days ago

    I'm so thankful you're serving in this renewal, Julie. You're a woman of prayer who loves to invite people to the feast that awaits them in Jesus' presence.

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    Richard Sampley

    $206.40 / 47 days ago

About Julie McMullen - North America 2024

Come Before Winter exists to renew, equip, honor, and unite women in ministry around the world. We provide women in ministry with a gift of time in which they can dedicate themselves exclusively to hearing the voice of God so that they may be renewed—mind, body, and soul. 

I was blessed to be a participant in a renewal in 2017. At the time, I didn’t realize how much I needed this renewal. Not only did I meet other women who knew the joys and burdens of ministry, but the renewal provided space for me to meet with the Lord.

This Spring, I have the privilege of serving with the Come Before Winter team in their North American renewal as an assistant prayer director. I am raising funding for myself and for three participants to attend the renewal. Your contribution helps cover all living expenses and materials for the entire renewal. The participants are only financially responsible for their travel to and from the renewal site! 

I hope that you will prayerfully consider supporting the women we will serve with both financial contributions as well as prayers on their/our behalf. __________________________________________________ 
If you'd prefer to mail a check, make it out to Come before Winter and send it to the following address: 
Come before Winter 
P.O. Box 203381 
Austin, TX 78720 

Come before Winter is a 501(c)(3) organization and makes every effort to ensure accurate reporting of your donations so that we can supply you with necessary tax documentation. If the information you receive from our office does not match your records, or if you fail to receive the needed documentation, please contact our office at (512) 216-2060 or email our Executive Director at jocelyn@comebeforewinter.org. Thank you for your support of Come before Winter.